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Forumjapon Terms of Use

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Inscrit le: 21 Sep 2003
Pays, Ville: Paris, France - Tokyo, Japan

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Forumjapon Terms of Use
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Forumjapon Terms of Use

The forumjapon message boards (forums) are open to everyone provided the following guidelines are respected. The rules are justified by the fact message boards are a public space offered by the forumjapon team, in order to exchange interesting information and points of view.

This is forumjapon’s first English section. Forumjapon originally opened in 2002, and a Japanese language section was opened in 2004. In September 2003, the forum moved to a new server and started over again with a new version of phpBB, so all the messages currently on the server have been posted between 2003.09 and now. The rating system has also been introduced at the time – see Rating FAQ.
You can read the forum’s archives here, although they’re all in French. On the subject of French, many free translating tools are available online (the most infamous of which being Babelfish), but we do not recommend you post in French (let alone Japanese) using automatic translating software. Doing so will most likely result in gibberish language that most members will be unable to understand, and we wish to keep the boards free of Babelfish talk. Also, we will ask you to please keep discussions in English to the English-language boards.

Forumjapon’s basic rules are as follow:

1) All members need to be registered before they can post. This will hopefully put an end to the numerous useless posts we used to have in the old forums. Registering is free, fast, and of course your address will never be exposed or used to send newsletter or spam.

2) Please try as much as you can to write in decent English. Abbreviations such as “U r” “me2”, leet speak and the like will not be tolerated. Posts are meant to be easily readable by the greater number of people, so please make an effort, if only by respect for posters who take the time to write properly. This is no elitism, it’s only trying to make the boards pleasant and easy to read. Keep in mind you’ll be read by non-native English speakers, some of which are probably hoping to progress by contributing to English language boards, so please make an effort.
Hard-to-read messages such as “lookin 4 s1 whos workd in Jpn, reply plz thx” will be systematically deleted. Also, the use of the word “jap” is frowned upon on these forums, so please refrain from using it, as it’s considered offensive.

3) Useless posts bringing nothing to the ongoing discussion may be deleted. By “useless” we mean replies such as “lol”, “I don’t know”, “cool”, “me too!!!”, etc.

4) Members participating in discussions are asked to stay on topic. If a poster wants to divert towards another subject he/she is free to make a new topic. There is no restriction on the number of topics that can be opened by a member, as long as he/she does not post an excessive number of new topics in a short time. Similarly, members are asked to keep their topics relevant to the subject of each forum, and to post them in one and only one forum.

5) Please fill in properly all the required fields when posting a new topic or reply. Especially the Title field for a new topic; failure to do so would cause your message to be ignored by most readers.

6) This forum’s general tone is meant to be friendly. Insults, provocations, trouble making and flaming will not be tolerated in any case, as will not attempts to ruin a discussion, or deliberate flooding of topics with useless posts.
Also, please refrain from posting “Japan bashing” types of topics. While it is perfectly okay to vent to some things once in a while, it should be done in a reasonable way and with controlled words. Remember this forum’s purpose is not to for people to spill their rants on, and that discussion is much more friendly, interesting and pleasant when people share positive experience rather frustration and negativity.
Another point we would like members to keep in mind is the fact they’re writing and not talking, so words can have more meaning than intended and experience showed adding emoticons doesn’t always keep discussions free of misunderstandings.
Last, while this is not required, new members are invited to introduce themselves in the New members topic.

7) Please respect other members’ opinions and point of views, especially when they are joking or being sarcastic. Political discussions are accepted but points of view should not be too partial or extremist. Also, we will not tolerate any incitation to racism, extreme ideologies, pornography, or illegal activities of any kind.

8) Discussions are open to all, and should be understandable by all : please keep private jokes and insiders’ discussions to PMs. On the subject of PMs, members are asked to delete them once in a while in order to save space on our database.

9) As long as these rules are respected, board admins and moderators will not delete or modify messages or topics, and no IP will be banned. However, the moderation team is the only judge as to whether the present rules are infringed, and can (and will) use the appropriate moderating tools if needed.

10) We reserve the right to remove your avatar if it contains a picture that may be offensive to other members (ideological, of sexual character, violent etc). Refrain from posting messages encouraging illegal activities such as unauthorized downloading, piracy, cracking/hacking, etc. Messages with such contents will be modified or deleted, and links to such sites will also be removed.

11) Members are asked to use only one login (member name) at a time. The team also reserves the right to remove or modify problematic logins (see #10). You can take a look at the Member list to see if a name has already been taken. If you want to change your board name after you registered, please contact an admin. If you register and do not post anything for a while, your login will be deleted after a few months.
Also, please keep from attaching pictures or banners to your sig, as this will slow down pages loading considerably.

12) Please, we’re begging you, please use the search function before asking a question. A lot of questions are very frequently asked on these boards, and if you try and search the forum you’ll probably find the answer to yours. Forum regulars are really tired of answering the same things to the same questions over and over again. Sure, you couldn’t know if you weren’t here, but please try and search before asking something that may have been asked before! Chances are, it has. Moderators may lock or delete threads asking questions that have already been answered zillions of times.

We’ll especially ask you to not ask the following questions or start the following debates. They have been answered many times in the past, and the controversies, debated to death – literally. A simple search will get you to the other topics they’ve been discussed on in the past. Of course, you are free to revive the discussions by adding your own point of view or ask for more details on the same subject. Just don’t start a new topic.

“How can I become a black belt ?” (See Rating FAQ)
“How can I put my picture online?”
“How can I have my own avatar?”
“How can I move to Japan?”
“How can I type in Japanese on my computer?”
“How can I have Japanese characters displayed correctly?”
“How can I find a Japanese pen friend/girlfriend?”
“How can I find work in Japan?”
“What is NOVA like?”
“How can I hit on Japanese girls?”
“What’s your favorite manga/j-singer/j-group?”
“How can I become a yakuza?”
“Is the word Gaijin pejorative?”
“I have $xxx, please tell me how to prepare my trip to Japan!”
“How do you say “I love you” in Japanese?”

Also, requests for translations/help with the Japanese language should be done in reasonable proportions. Members are not here to do your homework for you, nor to do free translation work.

The moderation team wishes you good and interesting exchanges at forumjapon.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow
Learn as if you were to live forever...
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