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The rating system

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Inscrit le: 21 Sep 2003
Pays, Ville: Paris, France - Tokyo, Japan

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The rating system
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Rating – How to gain ranks

The general system:

When you subscribe on ForumJapon, you start out as a White Belt (Ceinture blanche). Unlike many forums, your ‘promotion’ here will not be determined by your number of posts but rather by the (relative) quality of your contributions.

Each message you post (with a few exceptions we’ll explain below) is subject to other members’ rating. The ratings you receive will affect the number of points you will have. You can check your points at any time on your profile. Your rank will thus evolve in time according to this number, which can increase, as well as decrease, depending on whether the members rate you positively or negatively. Typically, members will gain ranks in time, but members may rate you negatively, which may cause you to be downgraded to a lower rank.

Ranks access

The current ranks and points needed to reach them are as follow:

Ranks -> Points
Flooder (Floodeur) -> total inferior to -200 points (scores may be negative)
White Belt (Ceinture Blanche) -> -200 and up
Yellow Belt (Ceinture Jaune) -> 50 and up
Orange Belt (Ceinture Orange) -> 100 and up
Green Belt (Ceinture Verte) -> 200 and up
Blue Belt (Ceinture Bleue) -> 400 and up
Brown Belt (Ceinture Marron) -> 800 and up
Black Belt 1st Dan) (Ceinture Noire 1ere Dan) -> 1600 and up
2nd Dan (2eme Dan) -> 3.000 and up
3rd Dan (3eme Dan) -> 5.000 and up
4th Dan (4eme Dan) -> 8.000 and up
5th Dan (5eme Dan) -> 12.000 and up
6th Dan (6eme Dan) -> 17.000 and up
7th Dan (7eme Dan) -> 23.000 and up
8th Dan (8eme Dan) -> 30.000 and up
9th Dan (9eme Dan) -> 40.000 and up
Red Belt 10th Dan (Ceinture Rouge 10eme Dan) -> 60000 and up

A member that has obtained a black belt 1st Dan obtains the title of “senpai” and will gain access to the Senpai only forum. On this forum are discussed various aspects of the site’s life and evolution. But keep in mind all members, regardless of their rank, may exceptionally lose points upon moderators’ decision if they are considered to have seriously misbehaved. This may imply losing access to the Senpai forum, or losing temporarily the ability to rate.

Members reaching a total inferior or equal to -300 points will have their account automatically blocked as a security measure against spam/flood. If this was to happen to you and you wanted your account unlocked, you can write to .

Rating and point attribution

To rate a message, simply click on the “Rate” (Noter in French) icon under each message, left to the “profile” icon. If there is no Rate icon, it means the section is not subject to rating, or you have already rated that message, or it’s one of your own messages and you are hence not entitled to rate it.

Please note that new members may not rate messages before they have reached the Yellow Belt rank themselves and posted at least 10 messages. This to prevent people from creating dummy accounts that will give points to their main account.

When you rate a message, you can choose between grades going from 0 to 5, 0 to 2 being negative and 3 to 5 being positive. Once you’ve rated, the message’s average mark will be displayed above it (under its title), and will be updated if you refresh the window. Rates will affect the poster’s points as follow:

Rate -> effect on poster’s points
0 -> -3 points
1 -> -2
2 -> -1
3 -> +1
4 -> +2
5 -> +3

However, the quotas explained above are just a basis, as the “weight” of rating will vary on the rater’s own rank. This ”weighing” is carried out throw multiplying factors that apply depending on the rank, as follow:

Rank -> Factor
Flooder -> Cannot rate
White Belt -> Cannot rate
Yellow Belt -> 2
Orange Belt -> 3
Green Belt -> 4
Blue Belt -> 5
Brown Belt -> 6
Black Belt 1st Dan) -> 7
2nd Dan -> 8
3rd Dan -> 9
4th Dan -> 9
5th Dan -> 10
6th Dan -> 10
7th Dan -> 11
8th Dan -> 11
9th Dan -> 12
Red Belt 10th Dan -> 13

Let’s explain this with a practical example:

Let’s take a Brown Belt member who rates a message with a 4. The poster will receive a total of : +2x6 = +12 points. A 4 rating will get him +2 points, and the Brown Belt factor is 6.

Note that the “rating average” mention earlier is not affected by factors. If a post receives two “2” and two “4”, its average will be displayed as 3 regardless of the raters’ factors. This also means a message can have a positive average (“positive” as above average, ie at least 2.5) and yet still have lost points if the members that rated it negatively had a strong factor.

Points gain limitation :
To prevent abusive rating, a +60/-60 threshold has been set. While there is no limit in terms of “number of ratings” for one message, there is a limitation on the point gain/loss that results from the rating. Each message cannot make its poster gain or lose more than 60 points. eg a poster with 200 points will see its total go down at worse to 140 points or at best up to 260 points after one post. We consider this is a democratic way to protect posters.

Special Ranks:

There are two special ranks: Administrators and Moderators. Members posting with that status are part of the ForumJapon team. But of course their messages may be rated and their points may be affected accordingly. However, they will of course not lose their special status even if they lose points.

Their rating factors are as follow:

Rank -> Factor
Moderator -> 15
Administrator -> 20

The moderation team reserves a right to remove any rating judged abusive or excessive, as well as “friendly” ratings. You may also be asked by PM to justify a rating. Members under an agreement to rate each other in order gain points faster will also be punished. Rating is closely watched by the moderators to prevent abuses, and members can get very emotional about the way they’re rated, so think twice before rating.

Rating is anonymous, except for moderators who can see who rated what. If a member has a claim about a rating they’ve received, they may exceptionally contact a moderator about it and the moderator may remove the rating if judged appropriate, or contact the rater about it. However experience has shown rating will usually auto-regulate itself, members who have received exceedingly low ratings will often spontaneously receive positive ratings from other members who wish to balance this.

Also, a list of recent Ratings is available for members to look, though it remains anonymous.

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